Our team has a combined 60+ years experience in managing Enterprise Infrastructure including servers, networks, voice and video communications, etc.

Our system’s operational features consist of:

    ·  Infrastructure

    ·  Reliability

    ·  Monitoring

    ·  Scalability

    ·  Fault Tolerance

    ·  Security

    ·  Deliverables



CPU:  Intel Xeon E3-1275 v5 Skylake Quad-Core (8 threads)

RAM: 64 GB DDR4 ECC RAM (Server-grade RAM)

Storage:  2 x 512 GB NVMe SSD PCIe Gen3 x4 RAID 1

Network: 1 Gbits/s Guaranteed bandwidth

    ** We use dedicated servers. Resources are not shared. **



Redundancy in all areas to prevent missed blocks due to:

·  CPU failure

·  RAM failure

·  Network Failure

·  Drive Failure

·  Power Failure



·  We provide network traffic monitoring of our network in real-time remotely and on-site.

·  24x7 support



Based on the increased resource utilization requirements, we plan to flexibly scale up compute, storage, and memory.  Below you will find the scale-up capabilities we have.

CPU:  20 x IBM Core-Processor (10 cores each = 200 cores)

RAM:  32 TB RAIM-protected memory (Redundant Array of Independent Memory)

Storage:  SSD 6 Gbps Fiber-Optic SAN for unlimited space

Network:  2 x 25 Gbps



·  Network fault-tolerance will be handled between two different ISPs

·  Redundant CPU, RAM, and storage.  We have zero tolerance for failing hardware.  Defective parts will be replaced without downtime.



·  Network

o  Firewall will prevent and mitigate DDOS and Botnet attacks.

·  System and Application

o  System will detect unauthorized login attempts