Block Producer BP Agreement

As a Block Producer (BP), I/we promise to:

  1. Produce exactly the authorized number of blocks faithfully, accurately, at the appointed time in the rotation
  2. Never produce and sign two or more blocks with the same block height or block interval
  3. Never censor governance related transactions such as votes or Arbitration related transactions
  4. Only add "good" transactions from the transaction pool to the block
  5. Make a good faith effort to include as many "good" transactions as possible to the block without undue discrimination
  6. Exclude "bad" transactions from the block, and publish why they were excluded
  7. Show no favoritism among transactions, ordering them in a FIFO fashion or using some other ordering mechanism that is declared publicly in advance, including the default ordering provided by the unmodified software
  8. Refrain from using my/our superior information to "front run" transactions nor enabling anyone else to “front run”
  9. Accept as valid any Arbitrator’s order that’s
    i. signed by an Arbitrator
    ii. that the chain shows was assigned to a Case,
    iii. such that the order affects only the Accounts named in that Case, and
    iv. the Arbitrator is in good standing with their Arbitration Forum, and
    v. the original Transaction that gave rise to the Case names that Arbitration Forum as the venue for dispute resolution
  10. Only freeze accounts when authorized to do so by a valid Arbitrator’s order
  11. Always file a dispute against myself/ourselves after taking initiative to act on an emergency
  12. Provide at least four (4) public endpoints running full nodes (the Minimum Configuration)
  13. Not requesting my/our daily Vote Bonus pay on days when I/we don’t have the Minimum Configuration running, and repaying any Vote Bonus income collected while the Minimum Configuration wasn’t running
  14. Disclosing all ownership of my/our organization greater than 10%
  15. Not sharing more than 10% ownership with another BP

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