Block Producer BP Constitution

CSX Block Producer Constitution 1.17.20

Our Values

-Freedom of speech and expression

-Transparency and Accountability

-Integrity and Independence

Our mission is to serve the EOSIO community by producing blocks reliably, efficiently, and with the highest standard of integrity.


To accomplish our mission, we commit to the following:

1) Integrity and Honor

Honor and reputation is the integral value in our organization. 

We will always act with honesty, integrity and apply the highest ethical standards in all aspects of our conduct. 

We will abide by all aspects of the EOS constitution and exceeding those where applicable.

We will not pay voters for support.

We pledge to execute all valid arbiter rulings and voter referendums.  We will not publish opinions on active arbitration.

2) Transparent

CSX and our team will always act in open transparency.   We will be open about successes as well as mistakes.

We commit to  publicly disclose  our team, ownership, and finances on a continuous basis.  Full transparency with public disclosures will be honored for all tools, dashboards, wallets, voting portals, forums, and any other projects and dApps we develop for the community.

3) Accountable

We support regular audits for block producers to verify governance,         operations, technology and financial claims made by Block Producers.

4) Independent

We will maintain full political, operational and financial independence at all times.  We will not have any ownership in any other Block Producers.  

5) Community Driven

Community Supported Exchange is a dynamic partnership between the EOS Community and CSX.  We are reliant on each other to reach consensus in order for mutual success. 

We vow to listen and learn from our Community and strive to grow to the full potential of our partnership.

6) Educate

We will create value for the EOSIO community by investing in educate and promotion.  We will develop tools and decentralized applications (Dapps) that engage participation and adoption, plus fund proposed projects that improve and benefit the EOSIO ecosystem.

We are unified with all BP to be ambassadors to educate the world about the EOSIO ecosystem.

7) Stable and Secure

We are the stewards and guardians of the ecosystem from undue harm. We aim for optimum stability, reliability and security. 

8) High Network Performance

We commit to invest in network and operations infrastructure to enable the EOSIO network to perform at the highest level and scale effectively. 

9) Trusted Team

We will keep the core team small and trusted to increase our resilience to threats from internal and external theft and corruption. 

10) Co-operation Never Collusion

We will treat all DApps impartially. We will show no favoritism to any DApp or other group running software on EOSIO. This includes things like prioritizing one DApp’s transactions over another’s when producing blocks, providing bandwidth (staking tokens) for a specific DApp, or providing proprietary infrastructure for them to run or test on.     

We will cooperate with Block Producers.  We will share the responsibility of being the custodians of the EOSIO network who ensure the good of the network, and the good of EOSIO holders, above all.

11)  Amendments

We will inform community members through all viable communication channels before formal adoption of any amendments to our Code of Conduct.